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Fabrication Services

At Fix Kenya Engineering and Construction Limited, we specialize in fabricating structural steel components, such as beams, columns, and trusses, for building construction. Our team of skilled professionals has experience in handling steel windows and curtain wall welding, ensuring precision and quality. Additionally, we excel in fabricating high-quality aluminium doors and windows. With a deep understanding of this lightweight and durable material, our team is dedicated to delivering functional and aesthetically pleasing products to our clients.

Our services include custom aluminium fabrication. We pride ourselves on creating tailor-made aluminium doors and windows that perfectly match our client’s unique requirements. Through close collaboration, we design and fabricate products that exceed expectations. We offer reliable installation services, guaranteeing the proper fitting and optimal functionality of our aluminium doors and windows.

Our aluminium doors and windows are versatile, catering to residential and commercial applications. They possess remarkable qualities such as being lightweight, long-lasting, and low maintenance. Moreover, their excellent insulation properties contribute to energy efficiency, helping to reduce heating and cooling expenses.

Choose Fix Kenya Engineering and Construction Limited for exceptional structural steel fabrication, and outstanding aluminium doors and windows that enhance your buildings with quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.